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We are always future-focused and thrilled to make a positive difference in the personal work lives of so many talented people.

We strive to be different. To always be human. To create a more healthy and sustainable world, one company—one person—at a time. This creates endless adventure in what we do. We love to be held accountable and to contribute to the ever evolving environments that our clients demand. We are boundless in our diversity and find it exciting to mix our experience with the eyes of the next generation.


BI Team


We are a woman-owned small business founded by Anna Siebelink, with a dynamic team of consultants with backgrounds in healthcare and wellness, and coordinators, who strive to offer a comprehensive custom service for addressing the ergonomic needs of our clients. Forward-thinking and adventurous, we have creatively grown and adapted to meet the needs of our global clients, while maintaining a cohesive and supportive foundation.

The Balanced Image ergo team not only conducts ergonomic assessments, both in the workplace and with employees working from home, but also manages day-to-day operations and partners in strategic planning and with design teams of the varied clients we assist. We pride ourselves in our ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology, products and company culture, while offering intuitive, professional wellness services to both the individual employees and the company, as a whole. We are driven by the opportunity to help people to make positive changes in their lives.

Clients we support around the world: ClifBar, eBay, Extreme Networks, Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, FireEye, Greylock Partners, NewRelic, ServiceNow, Spotify, Stubhub, Synopsys, Twitter, and Quora.