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Joy Osborne; HR Project Manager, International
eBay Inc.

"Balanced Image has provided eBay with excellent support and service. Balanced Image has done a tremendous job to address our employees' ergonomics-related needs. Anna Siebelink is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her work."
About Us

Balanced Image has developed a hands-on, personalized approach that is unique in the field. Instead of emphasizing workstation measurements and handing an employee expensive ergonomics equipment, Balanced Image physical therapists help each employee understand and feel proper posture and body mechanics before considering recommending specialized equipment.

Our therapists emphasize helping employees help themselves. Balanced Image therapists encourage employees to break away from rigid, tense work positions and form habits of working in smooth, comfortable movements throughout the day. If special equipment for a particular worker is recommended, Balanced Image therapists teach that person how to use the equipment and how it feels when the equipment is properly used.

In our experience, making sure each employee understands proper body mechanics and position has lasting benefits for the worker, as well as the for the company. Workers are happy because they are comfortable at work. Companies are satisfied because their employees are more productive, the risk of employee injury is reduced, and many times worker compensation costs drop.

Balanced Image therapists have a broad range of experience with a number of different companies in a variety of settings. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Balanced Image has developed and implemented a company-wide ergonomics program for eBay Inc. a nationally recognized internet company. The program has expanded and now includes eBay offices in Canada and Europe.

In addition to delivering basic services, Balanced Image also works with architects in the design-phase of a building project and with employees who work on varied and challenging outdoor terrain.

A partial listing of Balance Image clients includes: eBay Inc., Pacific Gas and Electric Company, TiVo, Open TV, Nimblefish, Santa Cruz Mortgage, Research Libraries Group, DES Architects and Engineers, La Clinica de La Raza , and Shutterfly.

Anna Siebelink, Founder and OwnerBalanced image founder and owner Anna Siebelink is a licensed physical therapist who holds a B.S. in Physical Therapy from the Medical College of Virginia and a B.S. in Biology from George Mason University. Anna has extensive training in the assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries. Prior to starting Balanced Image, Siebelink worked at Stanford University Hospital and at El Camino Hospital.

Denise Marlowe, who is based in Salt Lake City, earned her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Vermont. Since, Denise has worked in outpatient clinics specializing in manual treatment of orthopedic and work-related injuries. In addition to working for Balanced Image, Denise is a physical therapist with the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City.

Each of Balanced Image's therapists is a licensed physical therapist with extensive additional training in orthopedics.

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